Your Comprehensive Website Checklist

A full checklist that covers everything from setting up your website, to creating content, applying design, SEO and launching your website.

This full website checklist will turn your out-of-date website in to a modern lead-generating machine.

In this checklist, you will get full access to every step that's involved in creating a show-stopping website.

Covering everything from content to design, SEO to ongoing optimisations, this checklist will ensure your website not only attracts visitors, but also converts them into valuable customers.

We will show you how to:

  • Set up the basis of your website for long-term success and find inspiration;

  • Create compelling content and put together a library of resources to use on your website;

  • Design your website, areas to focus on, do's and don'ts

  • How to conduct keyword research for SEO and implement it in to your website with best practice;

  • Checking and testing your website before you launch it live for your customers to access;

  • How to launch your website and the ongoing optimisations you should consider for long-term success.

Get free, unlimited access to your comprehensive website checklist and access it at any time, from anywhere!

"The checklist was absolutely perfect - it took my website from what was an unfinished, out-of-date to a professional website that I'm excited for my customers to use."

Tanya Green

Tanya's previous website was created by a team in India. It was blocky, incomplete in areas and just didn't do what she needed it to do.

With limited website knowledge, Tanya was provided with access to our comprehensive website checklist.

By systematically going through the checklist, along with the tips and tricks that came with it, Tanya has now turned her own website in to something that exceeded her original vision - without spending her hard-earned money.

Tanya now has a website, built by herself, that she is proud to show to customers and that properly represents the product she offers.

She also has a full understanding of how ongoing optimisations can provide long-term success for her business in the online space!

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